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Discover the hidden codes in the Bible


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Have you ever heard of the book The Bible Code written by Michael Drosnin? In it he writes about a hidden code, groups of words and phrases that have a meaning and that some of them think are intentionally encrypted and hidden in the Bible´s text.

Following the original algorithm that was followed to arrive at these realizations, many applications have been developed to offer domestic and professional variations to get to know these codes.

Decode_Torá is one of them. It´s a very simple application that will allow you to find hidden messages in the text of the Bible. The program has access to all the Old Testament books in Hebrew.

Decode_Torá will allow you to determine various search levels (direct, inverse and complete) in Latin characters as well as Hebrew characters. It also includes a complete translator of Bible lexicon from Spanish to Hebrew.

The program shows messages that it´s a non-registered application.

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